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Calcium cyanamide is also called calcium cyanamide,generally the nitrogen content of calcium cyanamide is about 20%~22%,calcium cyanamide is a good fertilizer with great use value in the production of pollution-free agricultural products at present,and it is also a soil purifying agent with dual use of medicine and fertilizer.Calcium cyanamide has the dual functions of soil disinfection and soil fertility improvement,and is commonly used in vegetable planting areas.
The role of lime nitrogen:First,the application of lime nitrogen can improve soil structure,inhibit the occurrence of pests and diseases,thereby improving the quality and yield of vegetables.Second,calcium cyanamide contains more than 38%calcium,which can meet the needs of plant growth for calcium,especially for calcium-loving plants.Thirdly,the calcium cyanamide releases the nitrogen slowly,and the ammonium nitrogen formed by the decomposition of the calcium cyanamide is not easy to run off in the soil,the fertilizer effect period can reach 3 to 4 months,so that the demand of vegetable crops for nitrogen fertilizer in the early stage of growth can be met,the application amount of chemical nitrogen fertilizer is reduced,and the pollution of nitrate content in agricultural products to underground water is reduced.
Function 4.Lime nitrogen can decompose calcium hydroxide in the soil,neutralize acidic soil,prevent crop calcium deficiency,and reduce the occurrence of physiological fruit diseases,such as tomato navel rot,dry heartburn of cabbage,etc.,Lime nitrogen can also increase the storability of fruits and vegetables.
Function 5.Lime nitrogen can promote the separation of dry straw and other organic matter in compost
Function 6.Lime nitrogen can break the dormancy of grape vines.The main components of common grape sleep breakers are lime nitrogen and cyanamide,which mainly promote the early degradation of the growth inhibitor ABA(abscisic acid)in grape dormancy,and to some extent replace the need for low temperature.Biological effects of cold capacity.

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Ningxia Yuandaxingbo Chemical Co., Ltd. to Introduce Innovative Thiourea Derivative Product in November 2023
October 2023 – Yinchuan, China – Ningxia Yuandaxingbo Chemical Co., Ltd., a company at the forefront of the chemical industry, has made substantial investments since June 2023, in constructing a state-of-the-art production line for guanidine derivatives at the specialized industrial incubation zone in the Lanzhou New Area Chemical Park, Gansu Province. This initiative aims to introduce innovative guanidine derivative products into the market, including aminosulfuric guanidine and thiourea derivative, addressing the ever-growing market demand.
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Steel prices after a short - term rational callback steel market gold is still available
After entering September,the steel price started with weakness and the rise was weak,seeing that the"Gold nine"was about to fail,but I think the September steel price can still be expected.Below and listen to the author of a few positive factors.
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Steel volume increased environmental restrictions on production
This week,steel mill inventory a small reduction,increased turnover,and social inventory has accumulated.On Friday,the social inventory of large steel varieties accumulated,increased by 35,900 tons to 9,982,300 tons month on week,among which the inventory of rebar decreased by 56,400 tons to 4,3222,200 tons.The main inventory varieties of wire and plate increased by 591 tons,36,300 tons to 1,37.87 tons and 999,900 tons respectively.
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