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Guanidine hydrochloride gradually replaced guanidine nitrate as the main raw material for folic acid production
In recent years, with the enhancement of safety production awareness and the strengthening of control over explosive materials, hydroxylamine hydrochloride has gradually replaced nitroguanidine as the main raw material for producing folic acid. Nitroguanidine, being an explosive material, undergoes strict control in its procurement, storage, and usage, imposing higher qualification requirements on enterprises and increasing their management costs and risks. Meanwhile, hydroxylamine hydrochloride, as a substitute for nitroguanidine, possesses advantages such as low explosiveness and stable storage, thus gaining favor among production enterprises.
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Happy New Year 2024
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Ningxia Yuandaxingbo Chemical Co., Ltd. to Introduce Innovative Thiourea Derivative Product in November 2023
October 2023 – Yinchuan, China – Ningxia Yuandaxingbo Chemical Co., Ltd., a company at the forefront of the chemical industry, has made substantial investments since June 2023, in constructing a state-of-the-art production line for guanidine derivatives at the specialized industrial incubation zone in the Lanzhou New Area Chemical Park, Gansu Province. This initiative aims to introduce innovative guanidine derivative products into the market, including aminosulfuric guanidine and thiourea derivative, addressing the ever-growing market demand.
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Steel prices after a short - term rational callback steel market gold is still available
After entering September,the steel price started with weakness and the rise was weak,seeing that the"Gold nine"was about to fail,but I think the September steel price can still be expected.Below and listen to the author of a few positive factors.
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Steel volume increased environmental restrictions on production
This week,steel mill inventory a small reduction,increased turnover,and social inventory has accumulated.On Friday,the social inventory of large steel varieties accumulated,increased by 35,900 tons to 9,982,300 tons month on week,among which the inventory of rebar decreased by 56,400 tons to 4,3222,200 tons.The main inventory varieties of wire and plate increased by 591 tons,36,300 tons to 1,37.87 tons and 999,900 tons respectively.
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The key to the steel price trend is inventory
Since the second quarter of this year,the country's steel prices rise in shock.Lange Steel network market monitoring data shows that as of August 14,2018,Lange steel price composite index is 168.6 points,up 12.4 percent from March 30 this year.The long material price index is 185.1 points,up 19.3%;Plate price index is 153.9 points,up 8.6%.On August 13 this year,the rebar main contract closing ton price was 4,327 yuan,up 27.6%from March 30.
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Baosteel said the devaluation of the yuan has increased financial costs and reduced exports to the United States in the second half of the year
Baosteel Corp(600019.SS),China's largest steel producer,said on Tuesday that the depreciation of the exchange rate has caused its financial expenses to rise and the company has increased the lock-in ratio of its foreign currency exposure to current trade frictions with the United States and the devaluation of the renminbi.Company exports are expected to be generally steady in the second half of the year,although exports to the United States will be lower.
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Posco will invest 45 trillion won over the next five years to strengthen its competitiveness
POSCO,the South Korean steelmaker,said on Monday it planned to more than double investment spending to Won45tn over the next five years to strengthen its competitiveness.
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The biggest U.S. nail producer could close at the end of the month as steel tariffs drive up costs
Mid Continent Nail,the largest US Nail maker,is continuing to cut jobs in response to rising costs due to Mr Trump's steel tariffs and could be forced to close by the end of September if the situation continues,CNNMoney reports.
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Ferrosilicon manufacturers for you about ferrosilicon raw material selection basis
Ferrosilicon is a common additive in steel smelting process.It has a good deoxidizing effect in steel smelting process.This is because ferrosilicon reacts with the oxygen in liquid steel to form silica,which floats on the surface of liquid steel,thus achieving good deoxidizing effect.The choice of ferrosilicon raw materials also has a great impact on the quality of ferrosilicon.In order to deepen our understanding,we follow ferrosilicon manufacturers to see how to choose ferrosilicon raw materials.
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Summary and share basic information of ferrosilicon manufacturers
Ferroalloy made up of iron and silicon is the main product of ferrosilicon manufacturers.It can be used as steelmaking deoxidizer,alloy agent and denaturant.In order to let more people,more comprehensive understanding of ferrosilicon,our company to share with you some basic information about ferrosilicon.In the slow cooling process of liquid ferrosilicon,the dense silicon-rich parts float up,while the dense ferrosilicon sinks,resulting in segregation of ferrosilicon components.In order to reduce segregation of ferrosilicon ingots,it is necessary to reduce the casting temperature,control the thickness of ingots
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Understand the production process of silica-Aluminum-Barium calcium
As the main product of our company,our company has mature technology and rich experience in production.At the same time,after a long time of contact with silica-Aluminum-Barium calcium,our understanding of silica-Aluminum-barium calcium is becoming more and more comprehensive.In order to repay our customers for their support over the years,our company will popularize some basic information about silica-aluminum-Barium calcium,such as the production process of silica-aluminum-barium calcium.
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